OREM, Utah – For the third consecutive month this year the upcoming Nampa YSA 1st Ward Break-the-Fast will feature a lavish potato bar.

The event was announced in both the Elder’s Quorum and Relief Society on Sunday, and while members say responding with Christ-like gratitude is becoming more challenging they are trying to find the silver lining.

“At least it’ll give me the opportunity to do my Visiting Teaching,” one sister said.

“Potatoes, much like my ex-girlfriend, are a dime a dozen,” one extremely muscular brother said. “But these ones are free, so I guess I’ll be there.”


Despite stifled groans and critical whispers amongst the congregation after the initial announcement, ward leadership stands by the decision, asking members to see the bigger picture.

“At the end of the day it’s not about potatoes. It’s not about the sour cream or the side-salad or the watered down lemonade,” YSA 1st Ward Bishop Turner said. “It’s about getting young men and women together in the hopes that they’ll find an eternal companion and contribute to society.”