PENDLETON, Ore. – After 15 years of choosing the most obscure, melodically confusing and unsingable hymns for Sacrament Meeting, Sister Ruth Hedges, 64, has finally started choosing hymns from her grandmother’s 1908 hymnal, Songs of Zion.

“It was just time,” Sister Hedges said in a recent interview. “We needed something new, you know? We, and I speak on behalf of the entire Ward, just got tired of the same old stuff.”

Members of the Blue Mountain 3rd Ward now exclusively sing some of the least-well-known hymns known to man.

When staff from The Sunday Pews attempted to reach out to other members for their opinions concerning hymn choice, Sister Hedges cut in.

“Oh don’t ask them,” she said. “They’re so kind. They’ll choose the classics every time just to make my calling easier – they’re so thoughtful. No, I take it as a personal responsibility to make sure that every opportunity to sing is an opportunity to learn a completely new hymn.”

Members of the Blue Mountain 3rd Ward now enjoy vintage melodies such as Sometime We’ll Understand (No. 12), Waiting for the Reapers (No. 132) and Dark is the Human Mind, When Bound (No. 161).

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