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7 Devastating Addictions Latter-day Saints Need to Watch Out For

These have really been chaffing my wheat lately.

Addictions come in many forms. Some are serious and seemingly impossible to overcome. Some are more subtle and ultimately benign.

Here are seven addictions relevant to Latter-say Saints that you may be affected by, and that need to be eradicated.

1. Asking the singles why they’re not married yet

This question is a sickness ravaging congregations across the globe. It is usually intended as a compliment, meant to be interpreted as, “You’re legitimately an awesome person, it’s not you, it’s them.” It doesn’t come across that way. All too often it is interpreted as, “Wow, you’re like 27 now aren’t you? You don’t even have a girlfriend? What the heck are you doing wrong? Well are you putting yourself out there?”


2. Asking for a volunteer to say closing prayer

This is just as damaging to you as it is for your class, but mark my words when I say there are only two possible outcomes—all painful:

  1. That one guy who always says the prayer volunteers.
  2. There is a heavy moment of awkward silence and downcast eyes until someone finally looks up with determination in their brow and declares …

Back when the Church and Boy Scouts were besties, I took the Emergency Preparedness merit badge. I was taught that when there’s an emergency situation you’re supposed to single someone out directly and ask them to call 911 instead of throwing out an ethereal, “somebody call 911!” or an even more passive example: “Can I please get a volunteer to call 911?”

Ask someone specific to say the prayer. It’s the easiest way to overcome this debilitating addiction,

3. Singing louder than everyone else. Combined.

The first time is fun, but then the attention goes straight to your head. Nobody stops you because it’s Sacrament Meeting and people are trying to be Christlike. They’re trying to develop patience and by gosh if you’re not giving them that opportunity. We love you. We support your desire to quit. So, please do. Sing like a normal person.

Will Ferrel loud voice

4. Dedicating time and effort to centerpieces

This may seem harmless—but that’s your addiction talking. There is help available. Stop worrying about this now before you end up like these two sisters.

RS centerpieces

5. Giving WAY too much personal information in your testimony

This is called a tesTMIony (see what I did there?).

I fail to realize how the skin tag colony festering behind your knee has any relevance to your testimony. It’ll be hard to break this addiction all at once (nervous situations tend to bring out the weird in us), but when you find yourself relapsing, just pull a Hagrid and finish up before it gets worse.

6. Doing you home/visiting teaching on the last day of the month

“Oh, what’s that? You care about me? You want to be my friend? You’re not just here to check off a box and avoid getting chastised by your leaders?” … … …

Home/visiting teaching

7. Ending a talk with, “In the name of thy son…”

It’s OK, nobody blames you. It happens to the best of us. Nobody is mad at you, they’re just giggling a little bit because your talk is supposed to be directed at the congregation, not God—though I’m sure He loved it, too. Just be more careful next time.


Did we miss any? Let us know of any other less-well-known LDS addictions you can think of in the comments.


This article is just for your entertainment. These are a few of my pet peeves that I think you might relate with as members of the LDS Church. This article is not meant to marginalize the seriousness of real addictions, but rather poke fun at some of the strange habits/traditions that some members fall into (myself included).

David Snell is a proud member of the LDS Church. He is the Founder of The Sunday Pews and has experience writing for Mormon Newsroom Pacific, KBYU11, Classical 89 Radio, and plenty more. He doesn't take himself too seriously and just wants to brighten your day a bit.

78 comments on “7 Devastating Addictions Latter-day Saints Need to Watch Out For

  1. Wonderfully funny and entertaining. We laughed quite loud at the breakfast table. Thank you!


  2. #8 – blessing the food, the junk food, chemical laden refined foods, drinks and deserts to “Nourish and Strengthen our Bodies,” AT the ward party.


  3. Ooo, I recognise them and I’m not even a LDS. I think we’re all guilty of making these kind of boo-boos whichever church we go to. Made me smile, thanks. 🙂


  4. My cousin had the perfect answer to #1 when his parent’s Stake President saw him at the store while home from college….

    “So how is your dating life going? Are you dating anyone new?” The leader asked.

    His response left the gentleman and his mother speechless,

    “It’s great, how is your marriage? Are you Dating anyone new?”

    His mom asked him why he would do that after the man walked away and he made the valid point that if someone thinks it’s ok to ask about his love life, he should be able to ask about theirs. If all the single members started responding in a similar way it wouldn’t take long to end the habit of #1 church wide!


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