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LDS Church Reveals First New Addition to Green Hymnal

Girl looking scared over hymnal pages

SALT LAKE CITY—On June 18, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints announced that we’d all soon see significant changes to the standard green LDS hymnal as well as the children’s songbook. As promised, some of those changes are already rolling out. Just this morning the Church released a sneak peek at the first new addition.

Press Release

News camerasThe Church’s department of public relations published a press release today stating that, “The first new hymn the brethren decided to add to the next iteration of the hymnal was really a no-brainer. Out of all the submissions we’ve received, this song’s moving lyrics and spiritual overtones quickly raised it to the top of the short list.

“It motivates us to stop being, essentially, strangers to love, mirroring the Old Testament admonition to, ‘Love ye therefore the stranger.’ This new hymn also outlines quintessential values such as commitment, honesty, and emotional expression.”

Maybe the most surprising aspect of the new hymn is just how modern and popular it is even outside of the religious world. Written in 1987 by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and Pete Waterman, this song was originally categorize under the genre “blue-eyed soul.” Astoundingly, almost 450 million people have listened to the song on YouTube alone (see video below).

New Attitudinal Term

Photoshopped excerpt from the LDS Hymnal

Every current hymn in the green hymnal includes an instructional term under the title that helps the congregation understand the attitude with which to sing. Terms range from Triumphantly and Exultantly to Peacefully and Gently. According to Church sources, this new tune’s attitudinal term will be Persevering.

Check out the newest hymn right here:


LDS Hymnal









Consider yourself Rick-Rolled.

David Snell is a proud member of the LDS Church. He is the Founder of The Sunday Pews and has experience writing for Mormon Newsroom Pacific, KBYU11, Classical 89 Radio, and plenty more. He doesn't take himself too seriously and just wants to brighten your day a bit.

24 comments on “LDS Church Reveals First New Addition to Green Hymnal

  1. Stefanie

    I am in pain.


    • Nurse undone

      no matter how you change the words , mormons are still running a ‘business’ and are brainwashed members of a cult . wicked .


      • Sushi Song

        I bet you run into more of us every day than you think you do. And we are average joe’s just like you. They are your banker, your doctor, your neighbor, your grocery bagger, your struggling mom with a screaming kid on her cart at the check out line. How do you know if we are wicked? Did YOU die for my sins and therefore can read my heart? If so, the Second Coming has already happened ladies and gentleman and Nurse Undone is the Savior. 🙄 Come on lady, you couldn’t pick us out of a crowd of you tried. We are just like you.


      • Bergen Knutzen

        Do you have to try and be a hateful bigot or does it just come naturally to you?


      • Rocco Bayne

        Nah it’s really just a big beautiful golden glowing race of god-loving virgins


  2. Faith S.

    Oooooooooh, dear ……. *giggle


  3. Belen Garcia

    Finally, have waited all my life for this.


  4. Best one ever. Love it.


  5. Andy S.

    You got me good! Had me rolling!


  6. Sister Gladys Knight will be delighted! She once said our hymns could use a little more “zip”!


  7. Dang it, dang it, dang it. I fell for it, hard!


  8. SAY WHAT? Hook, line and sinker. 🎣


  9. That, was amazing.


  10. Wow!!! Bro Astley is awesome 😂😂😂


  11. Guess I’m going back to church now.


  12. Rick Rolling is less effective now when ads come up before the video plays, but I can still see the actual title of the video below.


  13. Marj Volkel

    Bring on the guitars and drums next…..this is following the crowd in trivializing praise through music.


  14. If that’s the new hymn I’ll take a pass. Spiritual it ain’t.


  15. Kathryn Enfield

    It is not a link to the hymn!


  16. Lol! Is he also modeling the new dress code? Definitely Rick-rolled!


  17. Momma3boys

    Sweet! My new favorite hymn. 😅


  18. Haha I’m trying to find a song for my baptism! RUDE! 😛 😉


  19. Bout time!


  20. Any idea if the color will change? Will it still be green or some other?


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